22-23-24 JANUARY 2018 - SHIPS LOG

WEATHER:  constant overnight hard rain squalls, daytime overcast, some showers, 45 degrees gloomy Seattle-like
10-12 mph south,  night time 30 mph S gusts
SEAS: flat to mild chop, white caps at night
SCUTTLEBUTT:  Our new (yet to be announced) Port Manager, Dina will be gone for the next 9 days to Hawaii,  but, back in time for her February swear-in.

EVENTS: On the Coast Printing closed it's doors to merge with the Shipping Shack, (boo hoo), Al is great (from Minnesota but still great).
NOTES: Hard at work building up an'ya's framed tankart for the February display, Mailed back the hearing aid package today, resurrecting both the whazammo.com and the tankaanya.com websites, and continuing the migration from Linux over to Chrome...  

Fifty years ago on January 23, 1968, North Korea seized the U.S. Navy intelligence ship USS Pueblo while operating in international waters. One sailor was killed and 82 were taken prisoner. The Pueblo was commanded by Lloyd “Pete” Bucher. He and his crew were charged with spying on North Korea. Commander Bucher and his crew were released December 1968 after enduring 11 months of brutal captivity at the hands of the North Koreans. Pueblo is still listed as a commissioned U.S. Navy vessel — the only one held by a foreign nation-- The 177 foot X 32 foot ship is now a tourist attraction in Pyongyang, North Korea. click to view original story : The 1968 North Korea Crisis – ABC News (January 25, 1968)