Back to Sunny-warm 50 degrees, then, 45 degrees overcast nasty, then Sunny-warm 50 degrees (repeat often all day long) and add in rain/sleet overnight at 40 degrees....

Do you "LOVE" or "HATE" Seagulls . . . ?

I think we are all aware of the Fishing nets, and many types of pollution problems, but, Seagulls and all sea birds (even fish and Whales) are having a very hard time with plastics and balloons (and the strings attached to balloons). We have personally removed plastic drink ties from birds...not fun!

Yesterday, we saw a young grey gull flying by towing a deflated blue balloon that was wrapped around him somehow, which prompted this entry... being full-time here on the water, we treat our harbor and docks like landlubbers treat their yard and sidewalk . . . (just as you do in "your" yard) we pick up the trash and disrespect left behind by visitors, the dog droppings and the unused bait, the plastic ties, packaging, and even the bottles and cans,  and snag floating refuse thrown in the water.

Unthinking city-folks who are unaccustomed to living amongst nature, simply do not think about the impact of their actions on this waterfront neighborhood they are visiting, (although it is illegal) we see people feeding and taunting the Seagulls almost daily (we hear the noise-see the event-then rinse off our dock and boat), seabirds crippled by strings and 1/2 swallowed balloons  are not pretty sights, this article came in over the wires this morning, if you are into knowing more about  why (supposedly BIODEGRADEABLE) Balloons are the number one killer of seabirds, visit balloons blow,  and spend some time on their pages photo gallery links.  

Next time you walk the Jetty, you will see many of those same scenes, right here in Florence.