25 March, 2019 - M/V So...fea Deck Log - Nehalim Sneaker Wave

As we mentioned earlier on these posts, Sneaker Waves-Rogue Waves are real ,,, another sad tale over the weekend, at Nehalim. A woman sitting on an already beached log, not facing the water, was smacked by a sneaker wave that rolled the log on top of her, crushing her.

She was AirLifed to Portland with injuries, but will survive.

21 people have died  from sneaker wave attacks--see our Deck log posted here on 31 January, 2019 by typing that date up in the search box, or search by date at the bottom right of the page in "older Posts".

WEATHER TOO NICE . . . 65 degree days  45 degree nights,  no wind,  blue-clear skies,  full sun four days in a row now, out on deck removing winter crud and polishing gelcoat, will return here next rainy day.... (which is today, the 25th).