30 MARCH, 2019 - M/V So...fea DECK LOG - GLORIOUS DAY

A real "wow" of a day, at 1200 Noon, it is full blue skies and full sun, 30.23 Barometer, 2-3 MPH ENE wind, 70% Humidity, and 58 Degrees F, and at slack tide ....  stunning.
Yet, there are no boats out, no dock crabbers or fishermen, and the Boardwalk is empty! on a Saturday during Spring Break ?  No barking dogs, screaming kids, motorcycles, sirens, airplanes, or other noises (even the gulls are silent), our wind bells are barely making a sound

So, it is up on deck to rewire the topside three fish-lights and the 125 VAC receptacle, to finally get rid of extension cords and ugly exposed wires, and add a breaker/switch to the main console.