18 MARCH, 2019 - M/V So...fea Deck Log - JADEBERGS

The network has been kinda' quiet, which is another reason to not be posting, but, yesterday was Saint Patricks Day . . . In the  Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Coleridge’ the mariner describes how “ice, mast-high, came floating by, as green as emerald.” which begs the question...Why are some icebergs green? Are they from Ireland Daddy?

"Green" water -Hawaii/Argentina/New Zealand ... like our river and off-shore ocean here in the Northwest, there are many color changes year-round, from almost grey to blue to green (all dependant on algae and sea life cycles. 
A Dark Jadeberg
The green color of an iceberg is due to the presence of marine‐derived organic matter (algae) picked up in local seawater that freezes when in contact with an iceberg, icebergs are normally blue because they are glacial ice, -not sea ice-, the red and yellow marine life from certain sea water algae freezes atop the blue ice and yields a green color, they are called "JADEBERGS". 

  It has been six days since the last So..Fea log-entry . . . my bad, too much great weather, sun, and the de-wintering process ate me up. Here is a  recap... 68-70 degree days!  sunny (mostly), 38-42 degree windy night-times with lots of rock n' roll tidal currents! same-o same-o nothing to report weather-wise.  Today however, we are really being beaten here at the dock with hammer-gusting Easterly hot winds of 25 MPH, and a relentless rolling river yaw.

Events? After the log booms were taken away, the tourist traffic began, great weather even restarted the crabber activity, but, still very quiet on the docks.  a noticeable number of female ducks (of all types) have appeared, obviously now nesting.

We got the flag back up and relocated after being wrapped (pole and all) around the mast, and even got the night-light rigged for it; we have begun the green yuk removal and clean-up from winter algae, moss, and seagull excrement (an annual chore).

This summer, it is time to Diver clean the bottom, and get the hull-sides cleaned and polished . . . both of which happen every 3 years or so (between the 6-7 year dry dockings), the aft Bimini project is baaack! . . .  I have been able to put it off the past two years, but, am now fresh out of excuses.

I am back into revisiting the radio show as well . . . gave it up after one wind-noise show last year, but it has been haunting me in my dreams at night ever since, the redesigned format and second attempt should surface sometime in late April . . . the new website is partially up but still "in-progress" over at www.PortholeRadio.com , once again, it will all emanate from right here aboard So...fea and be listed on almost every RSS on the planet, and "on demand"... not scheduled. 

Next mid-month (April) is our 2nd-anniversary celebration of arriving in Port of Siuslaw!  A lot of changes here in the past two years (all for the better).