14 SEPTEMBER - (2017 POST # 21) - 5 month ANNIVERSARY !

Well, we lasted 5 full months at A-10 without being thrown out, sinking, or wanting to leave. Pretty much our boot camp, and settling in, indoctrination is complete . . . it has been a zig-zag course (as if on a sailboat needing to tack), but, we have it figured out (almost), we are so impressed I just advance paid us up until December of 2018.

We still view this as the best-ever (all in all) harbor we have ever nested at, we love it, and our A-10 location is super well suited for our operation, our need for privacy and open-view. Since we couldn't control the crabbers on the dock, the late-night/all-night dock walkers and party (druggie-alcoholic) loud music over-nighters, So, we unpacked and re-installed our blinding 1500 watt fishing surround lamps, and wired them and the siren into a motion detector as a dusk to dawn dock-view burglar alarm.... it gets so bright, they walk into the water blinded . . . with a siren accompaniment !  end of problem, and, we also did a day time work-around (began crabbing ourselves to use the area for ourselves) , now our freezer is too full.  

The  only unresolvable negative here is the outboard motor boater (disrespectful, rude, out-of-control week-ender, hobbyist, wanna' be fisherman, amateurs), it appears there is only a 45 day period each year where these city-folk and hill jacks are here . . . so, you simply have to endure their insult and let the harbor have their high income.

After five full months, we are holding at three (3) blistering upper seventy degree horrific summer days <s> and only two (2) nights of a heater 'not' being required (offset by two nights where 2 heaters were required !). The chime buoy wind chime has only had a very few hours of rest in these five months, it is always 5-10 MPH through-winds here.

Our animated tidal flow area and overly active A-10 wind  location, is exactly what we missed in Winchester Bay, even though that was a side-end-dock tie as well, there was no in-out flow of tides, or other currents, making us feel like we were ashore on a stationery concrete foundation.

We look forward to even more wind and rougher seas over this winter, and hope things at this A-10 location will be as we are told (warned). Southern west coast boaters and sailors would absolutely hate it in this harbor (and this is calm compared to BC/Alaska/), we simply love it !

One comical note; twice now, when they decide to change the bathroom and wifi access codes here, they get it backwards,,,,,,

First, they physically change the password . . . they wait 1/2 hour, then they email everyone and give them the new password! ???  (but since you can no longer get online via wifi without having that new password, you do not know about their email, or what the new password 'is') suddenly, you get the "Access denied-wrong Password' notice'.
it is humorous . . . go figure, the logic.
It is like that voice mail message of; 'Hey Peter, if you don't get this voice mail message, email me'.

More later, I am deck-leak fixing for the 15 October start of winter, and the monsoon rains, had three drips all last winter, and our flying bridge deck pond, (got that problem over with), so next is the aft Bimini build-erect .... then this winters' on board engine work (for our starboard 454), our zany formica, and MORE electrical cleanup !

Just got in a few comment emails re: my .... "I view 15 October to 15 April as "WINTER", the rain usually begins 1 November and quits 1 April" statement.
   My down under crowd thinks that is a lot of rain . . . 'ya think ? The oceans began and were formed here in Oregon.