7 September - (2017 POST # 20), IRMA

As we sit here with our wind-chime barely sounding, and fogged in at our protected harbor moorage, we are sickened by the news of our old N. Caribe haunts being demolished by Irma, the Keys, Bahmians and lesser Antilles are simply not built to with stand this, the French West Indies, B.V.I. - U.S.V.I. and the Dry Tortugas are all far too fragile https://www.passagemaker.com/lifestyle/irma-tortola, although we have lost contact with many over the years, and have not kept up with harbor/port/fishing or boat construction growth in the Caribbean after we closed Tactician Services, we still hold locked, mental images and rememberances from those great people, years and Caribe ports, and are deeply saddened by the events that have taken place through Irma,  our hearts and thoughts are with the peoples and beauty of the Caribbean.


To our "stay-in-touch" friends,thanks for checking in . . . From Texas City, Orange, Corpus, to Pasagoula and the Keys on the US mainland . . . (Miami, San Juan, Haiti, the D.R., and Cuba were ugly spiritless, and destroyed to begin with), but, even there we wish for all to be safe. 

Forecasters project Hurricane Jose is also moving towards Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, all of which were just hit by 185 MPH Hurricane Irma — now the strongest Atlantic storm ever to form outside the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean., Antiqua is dead center in the path of Jose, and just days away ...