2017 29 SEPTEMBER - POST # 23 - 49th Wedding Anniversary

 What more to say ?  49 years, an'ya was on her exercise dock walk early this AM and came across a floating rose on a stem... omen?

The rain is showing me all the drips that need to be fixed before the monsoon season starts in the next 30 days,  going out on the ocean "works" the hull and cabins, the fittings and just generally shakes things up. The heat and dry of summer shrinks water expanded wood back to its normal size, until it swells back up (or you stop the leaks)  the first few rains are not nice.

But, the vacation is over . . . I have lots of drips... mostly attachment screw holes (great routes for water if not bedded in caulk),  on new boat construction, and on most amateur boater repairs,  caulk is not used, as screw threads loosen they become great tracks for water to run down, so its the take it apart, clean the threads, roll the screw in caulk, needle fill the screw hole with caulk, and reassemble routine ! on everything.

We all wondered, why for days in a row last week the Coast guard slowly toured up and down each dock slip,writing things down, then going up/down slip-to-slip looking at all the boats.

Rumors abounded, stolen boat, illegal aliens, drug sweep, stolen gear, illegal crabbing, etc. at a VFW dinner last night we learned that a report is coming . . . on how many vessels in port that do not have their OR numbers and year stickers displayed at all, and the many with outdated stickers.

Numbers must be painted, applied as a decal, or otherwise affixed to both sides of the forward half of the vessel, placed above the water line where they can be read easily.

The registration number and validation decals must be displayed as follows.
They asked us who does the daily visual security tour for the Port, and if we were legal ourselves, (we are of course !), So, out of curiosity . . . this morning, we took the tour to see.