After three years of producing this Ship's Log (somewhat) daily), this is the last posting.

The reasons are many, we have been researching, producing and reporting written and spoken formats since the 1960's (in all media types), changes in the audience, and changes in the technology have always forced us to change along with the times.

Today, the mobile handheld mini-screen computer/smartphone has taken center stage, creating a multitude of societal and hardware changes (worldwide).  Of course, I will address these in future episodes of the radio show (for those interested), but, the end result is that without a desktop, laptop or wall monitor for viewing and reading full-page websites, blogs, and detailed, decipherable video (for absorbing & comprehending), and without (ink-on-paper) magazines, papers, and books, we have become a "concise' in-brevity (inattentive) society (worldwide).

Slowly this has evolved us into a "fast-on-the-go", Amazon-rather-than-the-mall, text rather than telephone, avoid face-to-face or personal contact, listen rather than watch, skim rather than "read", take a "selfie"-"see me" unscrutinized lifestyle of handheld smartphones.  

Twitter sized written format (including texting), and audio (BlueTooth earbuds) now allow us to eat, sleep, drive, jog, eat, work, have sex and live our lives doing two things at once ... both of them 1/2 way---which equals (2 X 1/2 = 1, or a whole), thus making detailed, long paged, heavily worded, image-assisted format obsolete and moot, requiring too much contemplation or, TMI).

Resultingly, the content here on M/V So...fea dot com has gone the way of our many websites, tabloids, books, and white papers of the past . . . the devoted International followers we have had over the years will be glad to know that Peter is re-energizing his (listen "on-demand") internet radio show, and will return to the airwaves (like the Tactician and Whazammo radio shows of the past) under the moniker "Porthole Radio" once the monsoons start here in mid-November,  and that an'ya will be continuing her massive <tankaanya.com> poetry website and emphasizing her new International submissions group <Tanka Origins >, so, please visit and follow her over there. 

Based out of Australia, Whooshkaa will continue as our server, with RSS syndications at Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Google, Spotify, MixCloud, TuneIn, Radio Public, GPodder, PlayerFM and wherever you get your Podcasts from.

Both the Tankaanya website, and the Porthole Radio show will be  produced right here aboard So..fea, sign up for our email reminders at mvsofea@gmail.com.

These older M/V So...fea postings (July 2016-July 2019) will remain on here static (for your viewing), and possibly be a part of many new radio shows as well.