1 January 2019 - M/V So...fea Deck Log - 21 MONTH FLORENCE ANNIVERSARY

Who celebrates an 21 month anniversary ? (rather than at 24 months) ...  we are back for 2019 with the Blog site Deck Log, so, here is a timeline of the past few months: (our ast post was 13 April, 2018 - 8 1/2 months ago!)

You only do so when things are exceptional ! We are 10 days away from the actual dater, but, we are ready to party,  we are now into  the 9th month of our second year here at A-10, and, it is completely different than year one was.

Since appointing Dave Huntington as Port Manager, 6 or so months ago, the dock bumpers have all been repaired, our WiFi on A-dock was stabilized, the dock power stanchion night lights nave all been resurrected, the Frank F was banned  and its owner banished, the crabber/loiterers have been removed, the gates have now gone up !!! and there is finally an "awareness" of the goings on here in the harbor, and someone to act as "ears" for the .issues.

 On 1 December, the Port Authority has begun installing the three ramp gates for night-time security (no latches or locks yet), this follows the  "Designated Crabbing and Fishing" area  dock painted signage for the public ---AWAY from the vessels berthed here !!!  (meaning there will no longer be disruptive loitering strangers alongside So...fea all day long !), ony pedestrian tourists and locals !

On 29 November 2018, we won the Christmas Light contest (for the 2nd year) . . .

23-24 November was another free/no license required public crabbing/fishing weekend.

On 1 October the Port designated that area as requested, and on the 3rd of October they painted the A-dock entry apron as a "No Crabbing/No Fishing".... !!!!

At the Wednesday 19 September Port Commissioners Meeting ...we submitted a detailed MFR  trying to establish a Designated Crabbing Area. away from the vessels.

The week-end (7, 8, 9 September) was the Rod Show week-end, where the Port closed all of the parking lot off to tenants, and allowed us the convenience of parking on Highway 101 and walking in... 6 blocks or so. An extra heavy number of truck boat trailers on the street, made for no available parking at all, the boardwalk market and the car show itself died on the vine from no available tourists or visitors.... pretty smart thinking.

On 4 September at 1715 the Frank F. departed for an unknown up river destination.... 'nuff said !!

The fourth of July had 30+ people assembled on the dock  in front of So...fea.

Labor Day Week-end 2018, rethinking the thinking , we decided to go back to doing a daily Ship's Log for So...fea beginning in 2019,  there are simply too many events happening,  too much to forget, and a need to go back and reference (for the record).