A RETURN ? ... 27 MAY, 2021

 "Yuggie" the ships cat

It has now been 18 months of this Virus-politics-social changes-financial

disasters-lies and other nonsense, the 4th of July, 2020 was our last post on

here... as we moved to doing the Porthole Radio Podcast full-time.

Over the past five years we had slowly allowed this M/V So... fea

website to change direction... and go away from being "only" a Ship's Log

about the liveaboard life-style, our Northwest locale, and issues on Global

ocean ecology, pollution, fishing, International cargo shipping, Naval

activity, and ship building.

During November of 2019, when the Chinese Virus appeared on our radar,

M/V So ...fea dot com was cancelled in an attempt to separate my

personal-Political opinions away from my Marine /Boat blog workings,

(see Post Archives, September 2019) ... and we shut down these pages.

But by December 2019, our readers complained so loudly about my closing

this webpage ... I then returned them in December 2019

(with Post Archives https://www.mvsofea.com/2019/12/)

... remember, blogs work upside down, so scroll from the bottom upward.

Beginning in March of 2020 when we got our first case of the Chinese COVID virus here in

Oregon, I burned up the entire month with 24 shared posts from over on the

Porthole Radio Show (see Post Archives top left, and left click on March 2020 (24),  April

2020 (19), etc; to open all of these Virus pages.

With more commentary... and a much heavier Political tilt than what is still viewable in

So...fea's Archives, we became noticed...many of the M/V So...fea .com  entries from July

and September 2020 were removed, as was ALL of August 2020, .. (note that there are

only 2 posts in July, none in August, one in September, and none in October or

November) !!

Over on the Porthole Radio show and youtube channel it was similar ... all during the

pre- and post-election November, December, January, and February months, the Radio

show, this site, and all of my sites were taken down ... I closed all of my websites and the

Porthole Radio project down in February 2021

I just deleted 50 or so of those terrible censored opinionated science,

technical, political, and Chinese Virus posts from the past 18 months, and

removed most of my other non-marine posts as best I could, in order to allow

this site and its remaining 200 posts to return back to its original intent ... being

about the sea, boats, and the liveaboard lifestyle.

My other four websites (food, veteran, opinionated, and technical), and ... the radio

show, have now all been all merged into a new, single, separate, personal podcast

and video presentation .... elsewhere over on the near dark web.

This site has now been rearranged to suit the new socialist media world of 2021, so, we

now (again) will mostly talk about how world-events impact our full-time live-aboard

lifestyle, and return to being concerned only about our global maritime orb.

Yes... we are being subservient.

So watch for new M/V So...fea .com postings, and be sure to use the "Older

Posts and "Post Archives" links on each page to review our past 5 years

worth of postings and watch for updates, as this site moves forward again

for the remainder of 2021. 

Whether you have been a long time follower at any of our websites, or are new to us... 

Welcome !  I use a lot of hyper-links, and you will need to learn to navigate that top left of

page "Post Archives" list (simply left click on the month and it will expand to show all of

the postings), read from the bottom-up, and you become a Pro !

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