Like Halloween, Mardi Gras,  Masquerades, Yoruba, KKK, Igbo, and Militia, Bank robbery, Jewel heists, Assassinations, Covert Ops, Protesters, and pirates. 

COVID masks, Balaclava, Shemagh, NIqab, panty hose, Burka and black ops glasses, nitrile gloves all completely CANCELL  out “biometrics”:   (Mug shots, facial recognition, Retinal scan, security cameras, line ups, palm/finger prints, security cameras, line-ups, DNA, photographs). 

A comforting thought when one thinks of ANTIFA, NFAC, 1619, BLM, BLACK PANTHERS, BOOGALOO, NATION of ISLAM, CAIR, JIHAD, BLACK GUNZ, KKK, ELF, and groups that are right here in "your town USA".

But, we hear nothing (restated, NOTHING) at all about these goings-on, the news reports are actually intentionally and enforcedly hushed up, censored out, and not published, I learned a lesson today.

With all of the jokes and talk of "Fake News", only a very very few Americans are aware enough to even know what is going on, or care.   Here on this site, we have constantly mentioned our International contact/followers, who report in and communicate from many places around the planet, as a result, we daily get to see and discuss the news from Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Ghana, Taipei, Rio, Belgrade, Amsterdam, Orangestadt, Balboa, Accra, and Thane.

Blatant American news distortion, and even "made-up" news  (fake news), is well known globally, we are a sort of laughing stock for our bizarre fabrications.  

But, when you review the EXACT same event/story on the web, from the wire services with reporters "on site"  here in the U.S. (from Reuters, BBC, TASS, The WIRE, factwire, AAP, CP, TANJUG, XINHUA) and the many hidden away places on the globe that report U.S. news... and when it also appears throughout the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram U.S. (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, and many private Blogs, Webpages and offshoot social media coverages... you would expect Fox and Breitbart to also report on it.

Here are 8-10 links of footage and interviews that were sent in to us from foreign countries all around the planet.... then, they went up on all of those wire services I just mentioned..  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nfac   Take a tour, and note the dates.

These were shared around the world on 5-6 July, but, only a two-paragraph, no-picture/no-ink, watered down "quickie" article showed up on Breitbart today, and still yet, Fox has shown nothing... so, 
one must coin a new phrase... "CENSORED" NEWS.

IF like me... Fox has been your number one news source, and Breitbart has been your # 2.... time for a rethink.