Every year I create a post for the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Day, Vidovdan, and 1 January ... no one reads them, they are sorta' self-revealing insights to how I am responding to the world around me, the past, and usually include my predictions for the future.
2020 stands out as being the most tumultuous year in my short lifetime.
   During the past two weeks, I have worked many hours at trying to compile today's entry, but the daily happenings just keep short-circuiting my efforts.

So, I am taken back to remember the few times in life when you actually can clear your head, not be influenced by the myriad happenings, find "clarity", realign the compass for another sea change in life, and proceed with a plan.... the first time I can remember one of those was at perhaps age 7 or so, another occurred at around age 11, then another at 17, followed by 21, 25, 30, 40, and the last one at age 72... (eight times)...  I need another, "quickly", in order to survive this 2020 mayhem.

These "clarity" moments are hard to call up... we are normally consumed by cascading overlapping daily events and life situations that simply cannot be escaped from, even for a moment (alcohol doesn't work !), I think there is a need to step into the sound proofed padded room, close the door, and sit in the darkness for awhile... OR... we fall onto the "people mover escalator" (known as the rut) and are whisked straight to the cardboard box dolly entering the crematorium furnace... having changed nothing over our lifetime of "same", by allowing our habits, ease of routines, to shunt us.

We here were aware of the COVID back in November, and watched it, then had it first arrive here in March 2020, our viral insight has had us in lockdown aboard So...fea since early March, our being autonomous, reclusive types makes this easy... but after you have done the spring cleaning, "caught up on all your loose ends and (refrigerator door listed) projects, kept pace with the politics, the virus, the inventory, the finances, the news, and the people watching...  CAUGHT UP takes on an entirely new meaning.

You move into a vacuum of free time (not boredom), and you can slip down the rabbit hole into another "clarity" moment-in-time... actually, a lot of those moments... I am now  "living" in clarity time.

As a researcher-writer-storyteller this much time is always highly sought after/never attainable, so... actually "having" it is scary, who knows what my freed up mind can concoct?   what opinions can be deduced, or "do  you smell wires burning ?"

The very last frontier to revisit was the Porthole Radio broadcasts,... with the current pile of unable-to-complete postings that I spoke of, this was a good time to revisit the show... so, I am holding my planned Fourth of July posting off the website, and returning my efforts to the podcast and audio presentations, and, expanding to a video presentation is in the works as well.
So, we will be diminishing he web/blog articles here, but, look for us at portholeradio.com.