Always making decisions based and driven by science and data, here is another  "Stop COVID19 in its tracks" dictate by the Oregon Governor.

Facemasks ("ONLY" WHEN INDOORS) for everyone beginning today... EXCEPT when (taking them off) in a bar or pub while drinking beer or snifting brandy, sipping wine OR while in a restaurant eating, drinking coffee having a cocktail or soda... 

Let's see...  where else do we go indoors that needs controlling ?... they have limited to 50 people or cancelled all the public events like concerts, art galleries, Broadway shows, so, that leaves only the highly infectious places like the hardware store, grocery-supermarket, Costco, church (except for communion), cinema (unless you drink pop and eat popcorn or candy), maybe the bus, and the museum... all of these INDOOR pits of viral infection breeding need to be controlled with mask wearing.

This contagion ending technique will kill exposure, viral transmission, and save us all from mass infection and death... AND yet, will not impact the restaurant/bar industry, or the street riot protesters, the travellers/campers/tourists or beach walkers, or the "anything-outdoors" crowds. (but, these people all have little impact on the spread of the virus anyway), so we will (for now) stick with just controlling the evil indoor disease spreaders...  (after all "I" eat out a lot, and need my re-election rallies and fund raisers, and must attend various indoor "rights and liberties" events, and "I" need to feel comfortable doing so), but, that has "nothing" to do with this decision.

We never considered doing a travel ban, a crowd or protest control, or stay-at-home, or even a "masks for everyone all the time" line of thinking, because we have no valid scientific data to back up the opinion that any of that outdoor stuff or travel impacts the infection rate. It is this indoor thing that needs controlling !

So, thankfully just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, we have an INDOOR state-wide mask dictate !!   whew... thank science for providing guidance data to our Governor for effective decision making like this !

Back in March, the surgeon general urged people not to buy face masks and claimed they don’t prevent coronavirus. However, Adams is now threatening to partially close the economy again if Americans don’t wear them.  We did not require masks earlier and actually said "DO NOT USE MASKS" only because they were not available, same with disposable gloves (they still are not available) so we quit talking about this being a "contact" transmissible virus (until our gloves become available again and then we will let you know), the highly infectious eye (wet) infections are not being mentioned either (we have no supply of goggles yet).