3 JUNE, 2020 - HONG KONG

The annual 4 June 1989, anniversary vigil of Chinese troops opening fire on pro-democracy students in and around Tiananmen Square has been cancelled for the first time ever due to the coronavirus.

The Chinese National People’s Congress in Beijing is slated to introduce a new national security law that would prohibit secession, so-called foreign interference, “terrorism,” and any seditious acts (as defined by Beijing), effectively ending the one-country, two-systems arrangement that was agreed to and has governed Hong Kong since its handover from the British in 1997 that ensured that Hong Kong would remain autonomous from Beijing, except in matters such as defense.  

As the former colonial ruler, London was a signatory to the Sino-British Joint Declaration in which China agreed to preserve Hong Kong’s political freedoms and way of life until 2047. 

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain is now considering providing an immediate route to British citizenship for the nearly three million Hong Kong residents still holding British passports in response to Beijing's move, the 3 million passports are a holdover from British rule issued to people born before 1997, adding up to about 40% of Hong Kong’s 7.5 million population.

The Five Eyes partners - the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada - jointly issued a statement saying the law threatened Hong Kong's status as a "bastion of freedom". New Zealand did not join its Five Eyes partners in their published condemnation of the law, wishing to make their own statement.

But, expect the five eyes to accept this new wave of Chinese openly, and possibly even supply the ships and planes to execute the exodus... begging the question... what will Beijing do ?
The "brain drain" resulting from a mass exodus of Hong Kong residents would devastate the Chinese economy, Beijing knows this as well as the Five eyes and Hong Kongers, the question is, "what" will Beijing do to stop the exodus ? and "how".

***remember... "Truth or Lies Oregon Covid19 Data day is coming here on 15 June....