1 JUNE, 2020 - A NEW DEAL !!


Now ½ way through 2020… being old, retired, and locked down as a stay-aboard on an isolated end-dock in a small coastal Harbor aboard So...fea during this COVID19 pandemic is a gift.

After we completed our winter onboard project list, then our spring cleaning chores, the rain quit along with the people and events, and all of the 100 plus year annual events were canceled (clear through July), creating a scenario similar to a post-apocalyptic lifestyle.

A 75-pound dog, three ships cats, and the two of us trapped here inside a 40-foot Trawler, for six months could have been like something an Evil Judge would sentence you to in Court, but, instead, it has been a time to review, rethink, retool, and revise for what is next… simple, huh ? All during our lifetimes when we had this kind of epiphany time, it was only for a week, or 10 days, then… back to the Salt Mine.

Now it is like being in a monastic cell, where food is shoved under the door, and you are “forced” into week on week of introverted thinking, examining, clarifying… even searching for “self” (where was I headed ?,  what’s the point ?, why ?). You are supposed to come out of this as an Alcoholic, Druggie, Psycho, batty as a canary or in a body bag, but, this has been a good thing, actually, a “great” thing.

It is not over (per my predictions “until next year this time”), but, our new-found selves are embracing the change, and doing just that… “changing’... Here is whats up.

Moving forward, we are going to diminish printed word… (websites) the mvsofea.com and the tankaanya.com sites will slowly devolve into “portholeradio.com” and we will move fully to on-demand audio and youtube formats under the porthole radio URL marquis ONLY.

This is no simple task, we have built many websites of immense size, and printed (ink-on-paper) publications for ever since 1998, these now will be slowly revisited, revised and moved to full digital Mp3 and Mp4 formats to be available in either/or audio or video ONLY.

End-Result: Do not get lost in our shuffle… all current URL’s will link to and refer to portholeradio.com, you can simply “Google” and find us… This change begins today (1 June 2020), Stay Safe, and follow along as we begin to offer new shows and videos for 2020in the 3rd and 4th quarter.