8 MAY, 2020 - 3,000 CASE THRESHOLD TODAY !


Even Yuggie the Ship's cat worries about COVID19


It is 0600 of day 69, Oregon Covid19, and the day's figures have not been posted yet, but, we are going to break the 3,000 case threshold later today (click to open)


Just in time for Mothers day and especially the four-day Memorial day week-end, our Governor reviewed the data and decided to open things up (safely)... we here were waiting for a graph to look shaped like this Czech Republic graph before ever declaring things safe... but.
Anyway, look for a huge uncontrollable outpouring of people this upcoming memorial 4-day weekend (after being locked up), and then afterward, be sure to wait two weeks... then look at the Oregon graph again on 10 June, we are going to break some records.