And our apologies to all the newly infected and dead not included or accounted for in the 17 May loss of data, and we also apologize for the Governor not having the Legislatures approval for her "stay-at-Home" edict, but these graphs are hard to make, and we are still learning about viruses, so, give us a break.     All of the data you see posted is accurate, feel comfortable that we track "everything" accurately and that professionals are in charge, the false rumor of why only 31 cases were shown on 28 April was "not" from a county health department not sending data in that day,  trust us-these science-based and data-driven decisions are not easy... here is yesterday's data:
Oregon Health Authority News Release
Date: May 18, 2020
Media Contact: OHA External Relations, 971-673-2097orcovid19.media@dhsoha.state.or.us

Oregon reports 62 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 2 new presumptive cases, 1 new death

Did you ever get the feeling that the de-caf coffee you pay extra dollars for -is not really de-caf ?  or how about the feeling that the $25.00 worth of gas you just put in the truck doesn't jibe with the gallons you got., about checking the weights on the meat you buy vs. what the butcher's label says, it goes on and on to your electric bill (in KW/hrs), and the interest on your loan, or even to your prescription actually "really" containing XX/mg of whatever...  or, the Nutrition labeling on foods, who believes that !?

The weatherman says it will be sunny and 76 degrees, as you put on a sweater and reach for the umbrella ... do you have faith ?  honey, I have to work late tonight level paranoia is next, along with will the sun come up tomorrow morning ?

But, fear none of these uncertainties, when it comes to trusting Science (the CDC), or Data (ahem), and the "What we know and when we knew it  (which Century)...knowledge about viral, bacteriological, and fungal things... duh. (transmitted by air, stays on surfaces, etc.)

As I mockingly refer to COVID19 things and supposed "Scientists" on these pages, at some point the doorknob should be turned and the lights should come on in your brains room of doubt and mistrust.  Do the study, invest the time to protect yourself with research and awareness...   'nuff said, Cows are "not" the only source of Methane, nor are Bulls the only source of... wel, you get it.