IT'S OVER !!!!
Let's start with yesterday's 88% (in-one-day) drop in COVID19 cases here in Oregon !

We are in Day 78 of COVID19 reporting on this web site, that averages out to around a total daily average of 47 new cases a day... but, after a slow start... the actual everyday new case load for the past 60 days has been around 60+ new cases a day.  then...ASTOUNDINGLY, on the very day of beginning the phase one reopening, we drop 88% in ONE day!                                                                                 
Wow ! this is the "exact" daily case number required to flatten the graph that I have been harping about... that is an amazing coincidence ! proving that science works in mysterious ways, 78 consecutive days of constant 45-65 new cases per day... suddenly halted...  simply by reopening.

Possibly, there is an explanation. A huge fire at the Oregon Health Authority data center, the data managers laptop was stolen, we were pranked or hacked by China, maybe there never "WAS" a Pandemic !, or, it is a typo... was meant to be 69 not 9,  the four monkeys syndrome (see no data, speak no data, hear no data, report no data), the Restaraunt-Entertainment lobby paid off the Governor?, the Feds say if you want highway funds...fix the data ?,  the incoming feeds all went to junk mail?, the reasons could go on and on, but this reduction is a breakthrough of global importance, and, we need to share this dramatic cure with the rest of the world...

Look this afternoon for even "fewer" cases to be reported... this will all be behind us by Memorial Day, and the graph will be headed straight down to the bottom in a week.. accept the data the facts and science…never doubt, always believe.


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Date: May 17, 2020
Media Contact: OHA External Relations, 971-673-2097, orcovid19.media@dhsoha.state.or.us

Oregon reports 9 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 3 new presumptive cases, no new deaths