Dual narratives ....

Here on mvsofea.com we have been at this VIRUS subject long before 1 March, 2020 (from an Oregon perspective), if you have been following the 50+ posts since, you are aware of my beliefs and comments stance on the origins of this COVID19 (and other yet to be launched diseases, viral as well as fungal and bacterial). 

   COMMENT: I became introduced to this microbiota world at age 9 or so, by a US Navy Marine Biologist just back from the Antarctic, he gave me a microscope and a summer of mentoring before he took over at Scripps Marine Institute at La Jolla.  *like this*

Again... revisiting the "known" U.S. Military knowledge of the post WWll and Korea 1950's, and recalling the biological warefare training films and newscasts of that time period (all now conveniently amnesia to the CDC and unfindable in government archives), 60-75 years ago we developed frozen  dormant "time bombs" that could be planted in mid-winter to reactivate and attack with the spring thaw (allowing battle preparations to be assembled in sub zero weather),  specifically designed to be night air dropped (crop dusted) into glacial and frozen tundra forests only to come back alive when warm spring weather arrived, then attacking the occupants of the area with infection.
Antarctic drilling had discovered that "things" long dormant (up to 500,000 years) in ice at sub zero temperatures would come back to life when thawed from these core drillings, including new species.

I earlier, spoke back in March about these Viruses possibly being released from our current global warming snow/glacier/tundra melts, that have been held in solid ice for thousands of years... unknown, and undiscovered until they find their way into our food and water supplies or, are blown around in the atmosphere by rain.

Exploiting these ancient microbes... developing a proprietary and secret vaccine (in a lab at Wuhan ?)  then using it as warfare (while only you hold the antidote) is the perfect Military, Economic, Psychological weapon, similar to our Nuclear bomb or Viet Nam anti-coagulants and agents Orange/blue/yellow/etc. used back in the days.

Food for thought. at least be advised, ignorance is contagious.