Associated Press Sunday, May 10th 2020; 
Worldwide, 4 million people have been infected and nearly 280,000 have died, over half of them in Europe, the U.S. has seen 1.3 million infections and over 80,000 deaths in the pandemic  — the most in the world by far ! (almost 1/3 of the world-deaths), according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

New projections say the U.S. death toll could essentially double this summer, from more than the 80,500 as of today, to 150,000+ by 1 August, as states loosen their stay-at-home restrictions, according to a model from the University of Washington.

I began tracking and posting COVID19 on this site back on 1 March... After two months (72 days) and 55 posts, of watching the rising daily infection cases and the death spiral here in Oregon ... we have been critical of the awareness, lackadaisical regulation, and unconcerned, financially motivated (only) Oregon masses response to COVID19.

When an angry Kate Brown added to her original 8 March COVID19 Executive Orders on 28 March by ordering Oregonians to "Stay Home" ...  and Oregon controls were set, and then again on 2 May when she extended that "Stay-at-Home" executive order to 6 July ... We applauded Kate Brown... but we (here) still questioned if Oregonians, with their small-town local governments, and minimal health systems even have the ability to comprehend and understand a Virus at all ? (much less "see" or respond to an Oregon pandemic surge ?). 

Now... the changed timing of this "new" mandate, reaks of lobbied complaint-pressure-yield dynamics...  on 2 May, she extended the lockdown until "after" the Fourth of July, then, on 7 May (five days later) ... after local governments and food/entertainment groups cried loudly about money, and discussed who will be governor next term... she reverses course.

On 7 May, at 2:55-3.05 minutes into her "Reopen Oregon" Press briefing, Governor Kate Brown states that "From the very onset of this crisis I have said that Data and Science will guide and inform my decisions... and Science and Data remain my guideposts as we now begin the reopening of Oregon

I was halted right there... about the comment "Data and Science being her decisional guideposts"  ...   a ludicrous statement given the data and Science graph and comments posted online by the Oregon Health Authority Corona Virus Report into my email box just an hour earlier.  (see the data and graphs from our many mvsofea.com earlier posts).

12 May update in hearings with Dr. Fauci..."In order to proceed to the first of three stages, states would need to see an uninterrupted decrease in coronavirus cases over a 14-day period."

Perhaps the only valid comment from her most recent News brief was that Reopening any part of our state comes with risk, this virus is still very dangerous and it still poses a great threat. Until there is a vaccine, unfortunately, we will not be going back to life as we knew it. Not here in Oregon or frankly anywhere".

Phase 1 of her new Science and Data based "Open Oregon" plan will supposedly last 21 days, but if there is a 5% or greater increase in new cases over any given week, her "Science and Data guidance" will then do the newly afflicted and dead a great service by activating a “stop, watch, and redirect protocol”.... This is a Great and Scientific plan ! <s>

Obviously ... Votes and Money talk, the fear of financials and loss of votes is simply greater than the fear of the virus or the respect for the OHA... and all who work the trenches daily. 
Be prepared for the post-Memorial Day June graph review... and again at the close of July. (this is a mistake !).