8 APRIL, 2020 - A PAUSE (double click to open)

In our fixation on COVID19, our obsession with ugly carried us to another place...  

One of the misconceptions of boat life... people see it as being unfettered, free, a spontaneous lifestyle of freedom from all the tedium of everyday life... WRONG !   Our on-board So...fea schedule is almost so repeated daily that we do not need the clock.  

The 2130 dog-wanting-to-go-out ritual officially ends each day,  last night when I threw open the rear hatch, I thought headlights were in my face blinding me, that full pink moon for 2020 crested tonight around midnight, but it was also a supermoon making it appear larger and brighter in that clear night sky.

Once out on deck, I heard our resident, Loon (a lifetime-haunting summers song).  Which prompted me to begin today's posting, we got so obsessed with the Virus we failed to see that on 1 March we had Mr. and Mrs. Loon return for the year, still dressed in their "blah" grey ugly winter feathers, over the next three weeks of preening and molting, they redeveloped his black head and their checkerboard feathered costumes, then took up their posts mid-river alongside So...fea, where they will spend the summer 24/7.

The Swallows should be next, followed by our resident Woodpecker, as we turn fully into spring, and it won't be long until the strings of baby ducks head downriver with the nursery moms, and we now see our Little Sea Otter family across the harbor under the dock, has returned as well.

All of which is "forced" upon us in a schedule set by Mother Nature, from whom we get no freedom, we are just forced to endure, just another agony of boat life.