The Panamanian Container ship "Milano Bridge" tried to dock in Busan Korea yesterday, but had a few problems... ok...a "lot" of problems.  This is the fourth (or so) video I have watched that seems to show digital engine control problems, like "Full Ahead" while docking, and an obvious lack of rudder control.

I bet the Crane operator spilled his tea on this one. 


That Pearl Harbor Moment is interpreted here... we've all seen the movie, all been over the recalls, and read the stories and news releases about 7 December, 1941... a few of us have actually visited there after 1941, and some of us still recognize that day as a National Holiday (ahem).

Sadly, the poetics of that event seem lost today, but we can change the names and places and characters around to become a classic tale about "things"...    us hyphenated Americans of Eastern Europe ancestery were brought up on how to "win-by-losing" logics, and there are many Balkan holidays geared around events very similar to our American Pearl Harbor.

The PEACE always begins on a warm sunny early morning scene with butterflies, kids with kites, and grassy wild flowered fields with a picnic basket, and a wicker ice basket chilling wine, the puffy clouds drift by overhead, and it is idyllic (including the lilting Pan-pipe flute music in the background)... 

Next up (after the music changes to a calvary charge bugle), is the ATTACK, Napalm, machine guns, landing artillery shells, black skies, charred earth, smoking tree silhouettes, and a close up of a tank track running over the picnic basket, the more graphic the better ! ... closing with the original PEACE frame view, but now charred black, desolated and smoking.

Next up is the hype music that shows the unity, the working together to rebuild a new and greener meadow... fast-forwarding with bigger flowers and more birds, forget a bottle of wine ... now we see a whole vinyard !  a number of kites, and we hear the chirping birds again ... all is back to normal. life is good.

COVID19 will do exactly that.

It came out of nowhere and destroyed our relaxing, care free picnic, it killed off our people and flowers and leisurely, well-organized lifestyle... it blackened our world. 
   Then it will be over, and the rebuilding begins, BUT, I am thinking it will not be like in the movie, and simply going back to what it was before, I see change.

Over in Pearl Harbor, it served as a wake up call, it created a rethinking and reassessment of everything... there was review, contemplation, and insight applied to "how the hell did this happen ?', and a corrective design for rebuilding.  Some things would simply never be allowed to ever happen again, now there would be safeguards, forward-thinking, and defenses, the complacency HAD to go away... the future could never again be the same as the past.

Here in 2020 (or whenever), we wonder if we will return "as-is" to what was before... I hope not, my model for rebuilding is too severe to be written about here, but suffice it to say "changes are needed", there are many lessons to be learned, and I believe we will see them modify us. 

Out of this viral plague some type of victory vision, victory applause must be created... or, like allowing 911, and now allowing this to happen, we simply are running in a squirrel cage. 

(a squirrel cage sitting on a picnic blanket alongside a Picnic basket, in a warm sunny early morning scene with butterflies, kids with kites, and grassy wild flowered fields, and a wicker ice basket chilling wine, as the puffy clouds drift by overhead, and it is idyllic, including the lilting Pan-pipe flute music in the background)...