6 APRIL, 2020 - DAY 37 IN OREGON - COVID19 (doule click to open)

Costa Favolosa cruise ship arrives @ Coast Guard Station Miami Beach


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said last month there is currently no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with the transmission of COVID-19, but... then cautioned the virus can live on frozen and refrigerated food containers even more effectively than on produce ? 

Obviously the very main point that has been shared by all (Since the beginning) is the "DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE" RULE, AND "WASH YOUR HANDS".

A little (not a lot) of logic here is (if English is your first language) that very obviously your hands must have virus on them so, don't touch your face.  duh, now where would your hands come in contact with a virus ?  maybe... you touched something ?  would that mean the world is covered in aerosol droplet infested everything from our coughing, sneezing, talking, breathing ?  do you think it possible that I could breathe in any of these particles? or, have them contact my skin ? or get on my clothes ? or my shoes, or my money ?  and "WHY" do I need to stay 6+ feet away from everyone ?  and while we are at it, where do babies come from ? and why does it get dark at night ?  why is the ocean salty ? and many more things that I do not understand...it's all sooo complicated.


6 April, White House official Dr. Deborah Birx stated, “This is the moment to not be going to the grocery store, not going to the pharmacy, but doing everything you can to keep your family and your friends safe, and that means everybody doing the 6 feet distancing, & washing your hands
With schools, hotels, restaurants and coffeeshops now closed, the commercial sales of cream and milk that set the pace for dairy farm production have ground to a halt, farmers have been told to dump their excess milk as COVID-19 closures have caused the demand for dairy products to drop drastically.
China’s container transit volumes fell 10.6% in January and February compared to a year before, while exports plummeted 17.2%. March reports suggest the job losses from the novel coronavirus outbreak, which afflicted nearly 82,000 Chinese and killed 3,331 people since November last year, the global lockdown could worsen many of China’s systemic problems, according to a report in the South China Morning Post. Unofficial estimates show as many of 200 million people may have joined the country’s jobless because of the coronavirus shutdown, that would mean a quarter of the country’s 775 million-strong workforce is struggling to find appropriate work.
CBS This Morning on Thursday said that things like lifting bans on mass gatherings — public meetings or concerts — could be quite a ways down the road though, vaccine development is proceeding at a historic pace, but in a best-case scenario a product won’t be available for the general public for at least 18 months, and likely longer. Early supplies, which will be limited, would only be used to protect health workers.

Headed into the jaws of April, our shopping done (45 days worth ?), and continuing our already three week stay-aboard, we are the "eye of the harbor", with a full view of it all, and sitting here in the galley with our laptops 12 hrs of daylight each day (people watching).

The boardwalk is still fairly active with people all day long, even with the docks locked, and many simply are ignoring (or do not know about) what is going on.

Our small Safeway delivery yesterday had the lady telling us about a full store (on Sunday) and many holes in the inventory, the delivery people are very afraid of their exposure and planning a strike unless they get more $... so, looking at the (IMHO) worse months yet to come here in Oregon during mid-April through mid-June, the delivery thing may even go away ! ... it is very expensive as-is.  

We are forced to now only do "Pick-up" at Fred Meyer/Kroger from now on, and hope their inventory holds up... as the shopping is now in hand, we move on to pharmacy, mail, and Amazon deliveries (by USPS)... all of which requires us to venture into town.

All of this free time is actually scary, it forces us to do the chores, not get dressed, and continue to procrastinate on writing, podcasting, poetry, and memoirs... as boredom sets in, we obviously will start to work on all of these again... using our now non-existant garage sale, estate sale, goodwill, st. vinnies, grocery store, bi-mart, dollar store, fast food, and window shopping time.