3 APRIL, 2020 - BIG PROBLEMS IN BANK CITY (double click to open)


Just got through the very simple three hour ritual of ordering in my monthly food and supplies... normally this is a 20 minute task, today... not so much !

Apparently the financial system is being ravaged with fraud of all types, and accounts are being emptied entirely... poor unsuspecting idiots like myself think their debit card simply is not working... they go online to check their account and find the account balance is $ 0.10   happening everywhere to retirement, savings checking and debit accounts at a maddening pace, since the 1st.

Now to see what I do not receive from what I ordered,  there is no quality beef meat products fresh cut or ground... that much I learned this AM,  none ! so, its Pork/Chicken/Fish only this month, and I will report back tomorrow when my order arrives (or 1/2 order).

A very big lesson learned this AM is my/oour misconception about Fred Meyer/Kroger prices vs. Safeway:

Todays order was placed to both, the end figures came out FM 563.22 and Safeway at 597.30, same-o same-o... after adding in the Instacart,  charges were $ 634.34  so, 71 dollars for delivery !!!  at Fred Meyer the we-will-load-it-into-your-van-4you-free price is still $563.22...lesson learned.

It is nice to have onboard delivery, but...

Over at Amazon, the cat food-dog food shortages are nutso, and forget Prime.... everything is a four -five day delivery now on Prime,  but, the very big issue is both at the local stores and at Amazon/wal mart the shortages and "Out of stock" items that have been out of stock for thirty full days now, and are now being posted as "Unavailable" (meaning "unavailable") . ask about... HAND SANITIZER, ALCOHOL, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, BLEACH, VINEGAR, ANY LYSOL OR CLOROX CLEANERS, ANY BRAND OF DISINFECTANT WIPES, LATEX/VINYL GLOVES, FACE MASKS, CARTRIDGES FOR FACE MASKS, ...it has been over thirty days now....

We are only on COVID19 day 34 here in Oregon, I cannot imagine what is going on for those in the East on day 60... but, I guess we will learn about that by 1 May.

Another aspect of all this is the raw"communications" problem, I just received the I.D. Security code the Banner Bank Fraud service guy sent me.... he wanted to verify I was indeed calling from my phone number on file,  it will just take a second, ok... please tell me the code I just texted... this went on for a long time, (I never got the code), we did a work around... but just now 48 minutes later... here arrives the code !

Watch for more scare about eye transmitted virus, they have delayed talking about this until last, goggles !  aerosol and wet eyeballs, do the math... this is why the Mars Attacks guys wore helmets.