DAY 57 of the OREGON COVID19 posts on here...

In all of the rambling, and off subject stuff, I just reviewed the files, there are many "Drafts" that were started and never made it to the website...and... On MayDay, there is a 60-day review-post coming up on here that will recap all that was "said, predicted, and guessed at" moving forward to my 1 August 75-90 days of respite date...(before the second coming of OREGON COVID20 hitting us again in late 

But, back to the drafts, for the next four days I will be mix and mingling those as posts on here, some are 45 days old, but still valid today, I always talk alot about people differences (racial, economic, religious, intellect, social status, education,nationality, regional origin, physical, etc.), but, through it all there " are" some equally shared traits to all of mankind.

Among those, are a basic & universal fear of darkness (and what is unseeable), which if really analyzed, emotes from a "fear of the unknown"... this is a personal paranoia I have had since childhood, "the unknown", which is why I became a Research-Investigator-Forensic-Scientific type kid.

I can remember early on questioning the validity of being a Doctor or Nurse... and "why" they only learn about "fixing a problem"... not, fixing "where" the problem came from.

I was exposed to quite a few Medical people (Doctors and Veterinarians) growing up, and they all had almost non-existent knowledge "about" the diseases they treat, only the "cures" and healing interested them (the after-the-fact stuff), leaving that "unknown" to Scientists.

I was extremely young when I discovered mechanicals, but, my interest was not in diagnosing a failure, then repairing the damage (returning to like new condition) as a Mechanic or Technician (Surgeon or Nurse) did... my interest was instead in determining the origins and "whys" of a failure, and how to design around it (eliminating the Dr. or Nurse/Mechanic having to fix a constantly repeating problem) ... this attitude opened up a very grey area of interest.

As you move backwards into almost all fields of endeavor, you begin with the Scientific aspects of anything ... which for me was vital to solving "unknowns"... the mysteries, and investigated beginnings, information, and evidential proof of how the concepts were even established for a given design (I questioned everything).

As I learned about my abilities, I spent a lifetime in mechanical forensics, empirical and mental animations. 

In being prepared for the unexpected, you always hope to never need your skills, or to need your knowledge and awareness to ever be tested.  You research and store random unapplied knowledge alongside your experience base like a General who has never been to war or seen a battle.

Then it happens, you get the callup, it is your Ship ! and the timing always stinks, this is not as planned for... in the grand scale of things this could be you in a kayak just entering the rapids for the first time, or as the Admiral of a three Aircraft Carrier Attack fleet... any callup is the same.  

But, your Education,Training, wanting a role, and being in the right place sometimes never turns into an "opportunity"... the injury to the starting Quarterback, the NASCAR driver with food poisoning, the Surgeon stuck at the airport, the Manager on vacation... the viral epidemic, earthquake-Tsunami or Electro-Magnetic attack (EMP), all sets up for a new "opportunity", and for someone to take command.

When COVID19 hit (Back in November), it appears that no one was waiting in the wings, no one was chomping at the bit to take command... we simply were caught unaware, ill-prepared and without Viral knowledge of any sort (even at the Dr.-Nurse level), and especially at the Scientific level !!

The handling of this plague has been an embarrassment, a humiliation, and very scary... only during the past week (over five months elapsed time) have the cautions, understandings, and knowledge achieved 1950's street level knowledge level.

Unbelievable !!  how such a huge hole in science could exist, and have to be relearned by Phd, Doctorate, types from scratch. We went through these exercises back in the 1920-30s with Spanish Flu, and forgot it all ?

A few years ago on this site we excessively ran the red flag up the pole about Doctors and their missing microscopes, labs and scientific processes training. It is very apparent with COVID19 in 2020.

So, the opportunity for a "Commander" arose unexpectedly, the call up for a leader went out, and there was no one qualified to take the bridge.... coming to a doctors office near you.

Here is the graph for the USA as of today.... dya' think we are ready for opening up beaches, restaurants, stores, air travel and social get-togethers ? If I were a Doctor I would most likely say "YES"....  this graph proves we have "peaked" and are headed down...  (aaa, that's sarcasm !)

Graph by CDC, om Microsoft Bling: 25 April,2020 https://bing.com/covid/local/unitedstates?form=COVD07

OREGON https://www.bing.com/search?q=CORONA+CASES+GRAPH+STATE+BY+STATE&pc=U316&form=CHRDEF&sp=-1&pq=corona+cases+graph+state+by+state&sc=0-33&qs=n&sk=&cvid=14ACB3491697471E8507F6CEAC314B2F