2 APRIL, 2020 - ORDERING DAY... (left click to open)

OK ... We are at Oregon day 33 of COVID19, 

Our Retirement funds post tonight at midnight, and we are into our usual massive 30 day "shop-ahead" ritual that we do every month, this involves very large Amazon and Wal Mart orders, and (used to) entail a three local Grocery store all-day in-store restock trip.

After shopping last month, we made many changes in expecting to stay aboard... (we have been aboard for 23 days now !)  we changed to Instacart on-the-boat delivery for our Safeway and Fred Meyer, but had to drop our favorites... Grocery Outlet and Dollar Tree (who quit online ordering last month due to COVID19).  We modified our Amazon and Wal Mart accounts to ship "only" FedEx or UPS to the boat direct... trying to do nothing with USPS ! since it requires travelling out ...to our mail forwarding service.

Theoretically... there should be no reason to ever leave the boat other than to dump grey and black water twice a week (500 feet down our dock). Theoretically looms as a very big word here.

As we create our $600.00 monthly order today (for posting at 0001 hrs tonight) there are unbelievable shortages - big ones - appearing, and the government obviously doesn't want people to know about it, it is a "hush-up" online.  Some food shortages were noticed in our order 3 weeks ago, but now it has worsened, If there was food in the warehousing system to replace what the "hoarders" supposedly gobbled up, the stores would now be fully restocked, so that tale is BS, there simply is little to be had.

We are running out of things, due to a lack of imports, and an overwhelmed cargo industry,  .... we have been posting on here about incoming to US Ports container and Panama canal traffic, so, we now believe this is like the truth about how the virus is spread, how it works was delay-announced, they simply don't want people to panic because the shelves are bare and they are hoping no one notices the trend forming.

Don't use up your food or dry goods inventory without replenishing it, be prepared and ready for alternative products and eating habits, and look around to other suppliers for product,

You'll certainly be glad you took this time to get as stocked up at home as possible, because when everyone else finds out that this is the new normal, all hell is going to break loose. That last "hoarder" shopping frenzy will be nothing in comparison to the one that will come all during April when items continue to not be replenished, and the unprepared find out about it, expect some serious social reactions.

I hope you know what we see here, between our always almost identical $700.00 dollar monthly orders of 4 February, 7 March and now 3 April.

baby wipes, gallon botles of Vinegar, disinfectant wipes, on and on,,,,    *Available only for hospitals and government agencies directly responding to COVID-19 or  *Currently unavailable.  We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock, or  unavailable. 

Lets see how many items from our list do not make it tomorrow... check back for the tally.