DAY 32 IN OREGON... Overnight COVID19 deaths reached 4,000 in the U.S, after jumping up from 3,000 yesterday, and Italy reached the 13,155 death toll figure, Globally 45,355 have died.  In Oregon the death toll is 18, in Lane County 1.

Living in a harbor is a micro version of how America works and is run... as a live-aboard you do not think very much about how the system works (as long as it is working), the harbor likes it that way because you are too busy to care or know "how" they actually run (or don't run) the harbor.  

In all everyday American life, this symbiosis works successfully.   When the dock water quits working or you fail to pay your dock fees the true colors of either player is on display, and you soon see many things clearly, sometimes "very" clearly.  Things you cannot unsee.

In our everyday American existence, we go about our business unaware of "the system", the people in Washington or at the state capitol like that because they are not "watched", and it takes a COVID19 urgency to make you see them for what they are, or for them to see how unruly "you" are. 

As long as things go along easily and normal, all is fine, but, when our Governments support system is put to the test of what it is they are "supposed" to be about... not so much. Our health"experts", supposedly are there to help the public in this sort of event, but, they have failed us in spectacular fashion.

Which brings me to "experts"... a flogging of the dead horse topical favorite of mine... someone with experience and knowledge (both) in a particular field is called an "expert", meaning they are an authoritative person to listen to on a particular subject at a particular time...  every field of man's endeavor has experts, and they are sometimes hidden in the heirachy.

Anyone who’s ever worked in a corporate or governmental organization knows full well that many who are promoted to management (or higher), are only there because they’re good at playing politics, belonged to the same Fraternal order, are an investor, know the right ass to kiss, or are related... "not" because they got their stripes from years in the trenches, an accomplished track record, or fighting across a conference table.

Once in place, an expert cannot be unseated easily, they are revered-protected and are the "go-to" expert-figurehead.

The scenario I live in has me always thinking about the peace-time Navy Admiral, he has zero combat experience, has never had a war to attend to during his lifetime, and yet... after earning his second star, he just became Secretary of the Navy.

When the crap hits the fan, we run to this "expert" for opinion, guidance, and command, we ask questions and key off of his every statement (after all, he "is" the expert).

This is exactly what we experienced during this COVID19 pandemic outbreak.

Experts failing miserably (and dangerously) because they did not have actual Scientific or Medical knowledge or experience... their Gunnery Chief Petty Officer and battle-scarred deckhands provided far better accurate and more timely advice than the Scientific/Medical/Government/media "experts". 

This makes perfect sense because these underling people tended to not be political "actors", but rather humans attempting to share information in an honest and selfless manner. 

If we’ve learned anything back in the 20th century, it’s that actual track records and experience don’t matter when it comes to media drama, selling newspapers, and gaining high government positions. In fact, only you're Hollywood manner,  good looks and money makes you the more likely to be promoted and elevated or newsworthy because there is a huge difference between expertise and actually being an "expert" and between job title and knowledge.

So, when the crap hits the fan, and the experts go on TV, Twitter, and online... their lack of street fight ability, survival techniques, and savvy becomes obvious ... deadly obvious.

From the WHO goofball, to the WHO goofballs, to the British NHS, and many of the talking heads on TV, it took valuable weeks of time for the truth about COVID19 (and how it is spread, and how to fight it) to come out.  Like the harbor, you do not know what kind of a job they will do in an emergency until one arises... then you are stuck, out of time, and hurting should the amateurs show up...  (you "assumed" they were experts).

I think this COVID19 world pandemic will awaken, change, and evolve any intelligent survivor to reassess our Admiral, our in-house expert, our stupid reliance on those steering the ship, and who is really to blame for all of these deaths.

The Internet and laptop and smartphone got us here, it will be the undoing of what has come before from the "Expert-who-knows-nothing", and the grandstanding Hollywood (I made a movie/record once and am rich) loudmouth expert.

We have to quit being too busy and start watching our keepers, our experts, and our governments, corporations, for their ability to actually be there when we need them... like we are there when they need us.

There will be many world experts lost to death from this pandemic, and our fears of losing the internet, food supply, or of having entire systems fail like the electrical grid, municipal water, manufacturing, and transportation variables all bode ill for impact... just because we have been too busy to ever look at them, or question their condition or readiness (like we did with the WHO, CDC).

Lets hope as we endure the next two ugly coming months, of watching and experiencing shortages, alternative solutions and financial destruction that we do not forget how ill-equipped we were, and how we believed in fancy job titles, and other systems being there that proved to be false, especially the Experts".