I m pretty sure everyone saw the news from Indonesia about the Needlefish jumping out of the Indonesian sea and skewing a kid in the neck... the "tropics" (between the line of Cancer (23.5 NL) and Capricorn (23.5 SL)) are filled with Marine life and Marine "things" a fisherman or sailor North of the 37th parallel North (the paranormal highway line) will never see or experience.

NOTE: The Mediterranean Sea being protected and closed-off, is an exception here.

                                              --The poor misunderstood Fangtooth fish--

Although the areas to the North and South of the 23.5 (Tropics) line is a high human population area, the fishermen and sailors stuck in "only"  these latitudes are exposed to a very-` "very" tiny example of what is in our oceans.  Within my lifetime the oxygen level of the oceans keeps dropping, while the acid and temperature levels keep rising, this has caused "some" migration of species, and recently the news is alive with "new species" Marine fish stories in Florida, the Gulf and Southern California/Mexico.

Fangtooth, Dragonfish, Jawfish, Pufferfish, Flyingfish, Frogfish, Parrotfish, Blobfish, and Mola Mola are well known to Tropic Tuna Clipper fishermen as by-catch, our boats returning from Samoa would bring back frozen examples (Google them for enlightenment).

The billed fish are best looked at as a group  (NEEDLEFISH, SAWFISH, HOUNDFISH, SWORDFISH, MARLIN, SPEARFISH, SAILFISH) and can be found in the Caribe, Gulf and Florida Keys (just outside of the tropics),

a Needlefish

All of these fish are deep water swimmers and very fast... clocked at as high as 65 MPH !!

                                As in the story of a Needlefish impaling this kid in Indonesia,
Yes... he survived

these all are "jumper fish" as well,  and, like Flying fish and Manta are something to behold from the marvels of the Southern Tropic ocean. 

A school of Needlefish 

Being offshore in a low freeboard boat sets you up for a flyover of sea life, see my earlier post from 15 June 2019 on Rays... 

As supposed "experienced" Northern Commercial Fisherman head South, many surprises await them.