19 JULY, 2019 - M/V SO...FEA DECK LOG - REPORTING IN . . .

Been on a work session, and too busy to post, we are into our third day of 25 MPH wind gusts, crazy wild wind waves and currents tossing us around, Yugo managed to get his 30 pound butt through a hatch porthole by pulling out the screen, and escaping to on-deck.... first time in three years for him to be out of the cabins.
We were ashore, and he took an upper deck tour, decided it was more habitable down below and returned to the V berth for a snooze... scared us when we heard about it though, we obviously cannot leave that 8" porthole open when ashore.

Finishing off the last of the mast and AC panel rewiring, and will now be done -FOREVER- with  So...fea's wiring. It is great to have a 240-volt Magic Chef range instead of the crappy RV grade $1,500.00 junk range !!!! 

Lots of work going on here, all of which is not visible, still cleaning up poor factory design, obsolete ideas and machinery, and misguided repairs ...40 years worth!