SUMMER !!!! 70 degree days-45 degree nights, SUN, and puffy clouds, again.
No crabbing - No fishing - Beyond this Point

Not much ever changes aboard So...fea, except the winter rains and summer sun, sunrises range between 0500 and 0730, summer winds from the north winter winds from the south, sunsets between 1630 and 2100, winter temperature of 40-55, and Summer of 45-65, we arise at 0530-0545 year around, and crash by 2200 nightly, the computers go online at 0600 and stay on until 2200, meal-times and TV times are predictable as well, even the ships cat and dog are hopelessly on a schedule.

Even out on the waterfront, it is the same events repeating .. , the garbage trucks and street cleaner are "same time" within minutes daily year-around (their back-up alarms serving warning), the pub crawlers noisily wander on the boardwalk 'til 2300 most nights (rain-shine} and the Jake brakes go off down Glenada hill and over the bridge all night long, in summer the swallows rim our rails waking up the cat at 0445 without fail, in winter it is the before dawn croaking of the heron who nests alongside So...fea nightly  (making a huge mess!).

Our once-a-day Port dock walker comes by around 0730-0800, and usually Saturday May-November at 0515 the same wide-open grey boat races from the ramp to the bridge  knocking anything off the shelves not behind a sea rail,  Saturdays are up-early"days during September when Salmon season arrives  and another 25-40 boats a day launch early (so we stay alert and tied down),  the 20 MPH winds can be counted on 1/2 hour before every dawn and at 1530 daily, the Rhody carnival, Saturday Market, 4th of July fireworks, Veterans Day parade and the Christmas  crowd round out the year . . . the "only" inconsistency here are the rain squalls layering in at random.

Pretty boring huh?  these daily routines are important, and more urgent on the water than ashore (where you can "skip' chores, maintenance, inspections, and timetables), Awareness afloat is full-time, not only about the boat, but, about what is going on outside (wind, rain, people, birds, other vessels, dock connections, tides, and sea conditions),  all of which dictate a full-time need for personal awareness, preparation, adjustments and response, and make boat living what it is.

A great topic for a radio show !

This past week was ugly-spent updating/upgrading/rethinking our two new laptops, and bringing us current with 2019 mid-year technology, all in preparation for Porthole Radio to get revived, along with an'ya's new poetry thrust (we will talk about both of those on here soon).