Still stuck in this 55-degree, sunny day, foggy morning, blue skies, Spring weather with Northerly winds.... 
Sounds scary, huh?   Radiofrequency (RF) radiation, which includes radio waves and microwaves, is at the low-energy end of the very big (wide) electromagnetic spectrum., at the high end of that spectrum lies the high-energy radiation like x-ray, gamma-ray, and UV, down at the low end are "ELF" sub-radio used for submarines and underwater communications.  Here is a chart of the frequencies:

The "red" bar area shown is our Cell phone TV and WiFi dominant use range for every-day communications modes (remember, we spoke earlier about G.I. razor blade radios and SSB Marine Inter-Continental radios), that "red" wavy line is a clip-art that indicates "CPS" or "cycles per second" .... the  term was changed to Hertz....in honor of Dr. Heinrich Hertz....  and began the secretive meanings and lingo only the scientists are privy to . . . Hertz is used to measure wave frequencies, such as sound waves, light waves, and radio waves, next they added in Latin abbreviations : "K" represents Kilo (thousand), "M" represents Mega (million), and "G" represents Giga (thousand million), so, you will nowadays see "CPS" talked about as Khz, Mhz, and Ghz.... with one Khz meaning one thousand CPS (cycles per second). 

All of these "radio" wave types are all around us, invading our bodies from every angle, every, and all day . . . they are silent, invisible, free, and quite possibly dangerous, some people believe they cause mental illness, brain deformity-cancer,  modify our DNA and create violence, etc. (enter the tin foil hats or Faraday caged rooms).

Additionally, man-made versions of RF radiation are used for many different things, such as Broadcasting radio and television signals, transmitting signals from cordless telephones, cell phones and cell phone towers, satellite phones, and 2-way radios, Radar, WiFi and Bluetooth, cooking food (in a microwave oven), heating body tissues to destroy them in medical procedures, in “welding” using certain machines,and in millimeter wave scanners (full-body scanners used for security).

Like anything that cannot be "seen" (germs, viruses, sound, electrical current, food additives, smells, and things that go clink in the darkness of night), the folk tales and rumors turn into beliefs.  Modern man, however, has instrumentation as a friend (plus science and logic), so we can "see" the invisible radio wave, measure it, control it, and make intelligent decision . . . WiFi, TV, Cell Phone and Radio signals included.

The obscurity (being non-visual and the public knowledge lack) about radio signals by the masses of world population, makes them a huge money maker for those who know about, sell, and control them . . . especially by intentionally creating an overly technical (highly secret) in-house language of terminology to ensure that "they" are the "experts".

Technical jargon, industry mumbo-jumbo, and secrecy . . . maintains their isolation above the "every day person (or customer) ever possibly understanding their realm . . .  (very much in the same manner as the medical, legal,  taxation, real estate, and insurance industries do), "They Corporate expert . . . you customer", (er, "paying" customer).
No wonder the big corporations seized upon this area as a sacred cow for their income source. And why they hate cable-cutters or hobbyists who undo their "expert status" and or, no longer need their services.

Our Internet of 2019 has replaced Encyclopedias, Libraries, ink-on-paper of all types books, newspapers, magazines, records and bookkeeping, long distance and inter-continental land-lines, and the postal letter, making our WiFi the most urgent and relied on mode of communications today.

Debunking and simplifying the voodoo arts of radio waves starts by learning, ironically . . . the very fact that 
Radio signals spread the word make them the very means of exposing and removing the cloak of secrecy all of those entities enjoy, from time to time we will post more here and over on our PortHoleRadio.com show about "radio"  WiFi . . . TV and us as consumers, stay tuned.