We are still into our beautiful weather pattern.... no changes.

Diver Brien Mill was back down in the Harbor for his annual spring visit to "A" dock, to clean and inspect the water intake for Amber Novelli's Seafood-Chowder Shack (that happens to be almost underneath So...fea). This year he also did a quickie underwater hull, prop inspection of the F/V Kathleen, and the M/V So...fea.

With the Bull rail around our dock, there is like a 24-inch height difference between the water and dock (hard to crawl up and over wearing a rubber suit, fins and an air tank . . . so, last year, I tied a man-rope on our stern so he could easily crawl onto our low 8-inch high swim deck instead.

As he replaced the suction device on the intake last year, he needed a third hand, so, (blustery windy rain-day and all) I went out to hand him pieces/parts.  In the process, and discussions, I learned that Brien is a 20+/- veteran of this Harbor, and full of local history, stories and recollections, like Walt Foss, the 92-year-old owner of the 103-year old F/V Otter (tied up behind us), these tales need to be told.

   So, I got the idea to restart my old radio show up again, by having Brian come aboard afterward for some hot cocoa and an interview, and decided to  . . .  (this time from aboard So...fea) restart the 2005 "whazammo radio show".   I scrambled together some old equipment and we created Show # One (https://player.whooshkaa.com/shows/porthole-podcasts), with lots of problems.

In the editing and sound work process that ensued, my 20-year old (studio) equipment, broadcast hosts, and my own personal abilities were now all glaringly obsolete and pathetically not up to the task of a 2018 on-board windy, noisy Harbor environ... (I got show One built and up, but was in a "rethink" mode).

When Brian arrived again this (2019) spring I approached him for a 2019 redo as a continuance of the 2018 series, and advised him that I now have all new equipment, and a new (Australian) hosting server over at PortholeRadio.com .  So, sometime in May, I will be relaunching this series, and am hoping to spend time with both Brien and Walt right here aboard So...fea in some 1/2 hour long program of storytelling.
                   Visit the portholeradio.com  webpage  for specifics.