6 January 2019 - M/V So...fea Deck Log,

Business and life are finally getting over the impact of the holidays and back to normal....  Security gate electric supply boxes are now wired and in, and hopefully, the lock mechanisms will be here this week, constant never-ending wave after wave of rain squalls the past three days.

Very busy aboard making computer changes and upgrades PLUS restructuring the outputs of Blogs, Web Sites, Podcast Radio, and memberships/servers/etc.  it is insanity to have all of this going on at once !  Moved some hard drives around, and ended up with one desktop server and two laptops. Rejuvenated the radio show for 2019, and will broadcast hopefully before the end of January again,

The Linux systems won out (hands down), the new laptop came loaded with Microsoft edge and the November issue of Windows10... what crap !! it took less than a week for me to delete that Operating system COMPLETELY ! and reload it with Linux.  utterly primitive and kindergarten level -expensive-complicated Microshit

Lots of river debris this year, not big logs like last year, mostly longer (25+ foot) and 10-14 inch diameter, but extreme twigs, reeds, and wood chips coming down river, the 3 foot slack-chain (See image) gap in our harbor boom connector allows a great number to come into the harbor, we are situated directly "in" the flow path, so whatever comes over the chain hits our hull at 3 MPH and goes underneath us.... once in, it is trapped and simply cycles ramming us over and over and over with the tides.

it then collects all around Otter, Oceans Rising and Kathleen .(12 foot wide !!) it is all gone now, under the ICM dock !  ... it is a site to see 90 year-old Walt and 75 year-old me out there in the blustery rain shoveling debris and lifting logs and cut-offs over the dock to be rid of it.... we really need a Harbor or Dock Master here, or "someone" to "notice" this stuff. 
Hats off to Walt !!!! he was out there for two full hours non-stop !!!  wow ! and he removed it all !

We took out six  15-20 footers this morning, but the cut-off stumps are too heavy for us old timers.

Still trying to get back into the 120 AC wiring and engine work, just cannot seem to get free of computer/web/radio stuff..... I'll blame the holidays.