29 JANUARY, 2019 - M/V So...fea DECK LOG - Big Bahamas fire

60 degrees and full sun . . . no wind, stars and summertime
Jon brought a 48 foot Hunter to Florence from Tampa Florida the summer of 2017, he works for Princess Cruises as an entertainer, he sent us this . . .
Although a “cay” is technically defined as an island, Princess Cay is actually a beach resort at the southern end of the 100 mile long 2 mile wide island of Eleuthera, Bahamas which lies about 50 miles east of Nassau. 
Eleuthera & Harbour Island are the birthplace of the Bahamas, Harbour Island was once the capital of the Bahamas, it is very British and almost "colonial". The 11,000 or so residents who live there either fish, or farm the pineapple plantations.
The beach and resort complex is situated on about 40 acres, including more than a mile and a half of white-sand shoreline. Both eastern and western Caribbean cruise ships usually stop here. (the famous Pink Sand Beach is on this Island too).
Reportedly around 2300 last night a huge fire ravaged the resort, the marina was spared, but damages are immense Bahamas TV has this video up:       https://youtu.be/XwwIr2kI66s  
Last word (late today) is Princess cay is a total loss.

And this is important why? This fire most likely will be a diesel generator fire, but, low voltage (high amp) boat fires  from hot generators (especially in winter heating times)  are the biggest cause, diesel fuel heater soot, and electrical plugs need  annual cleaning . . .   never happens.