2 January, 2019 - M/V So...fea Deck Log

New Years came in quietly (like last year), with a solitary ka-boom from a huge awrial firework . . . that was it, no people, gunfire, yelling or cannons.

The 1st and 2nd were 30 degree overnights, dry and clear, full sun blue sky days at 38 degree highs and bitter easterly winds at 10-12 Knots, the daytime dock walkers were aplenty both days, just like (or worse than) summer....  the heavy activity has gone on all week-end (30-31 December).

Spent the last week sitting and updating/upgrading computers and programs and even "planning" the 2019 online indulgences, less website-more Podcast for me, and moving an'ya into her new Lenovo Laptop.

Again, this winters work is on tap to "finish the electrical" !!!!!  all of the tedious  outfitting and conversion to our life-style VS. So...fea seems to be over, it is now interior electrical, building the aft-Bimini, computer work  and  exterior polishing that remains