17 January 2019 - So...fea DECK LOG - Sea Temperature

Global warming be damn'ed, sea temperature. is the result/cause.

The journal   Science  has concluded that the oceans are warming four times faster than had been previously predicted by a United Nations panel five years ago. 

“2018 is going on record as the warmest year on record for the Earth’s oceans,” said the independent climate research group Berkeley Earth.

As the planet warms, the oceans provide a critical buffer. They have slowed the effects of climate change by absorbing 93 percent of the heat trapped by the greenhouse gases humans pump into the atmosphere .In fact, the ocean is saving us from  warming right now.

But the surging water temperatures are already killing off marine ecosystems, raising sea levels and  possibly making hurricanes more destructive. (an arguable point).

Coastlines around the world now flood more frequently. Coral reefs, whose fish populations are sources of food for hundreds of millions of people, will come under increasing stress; a fifth of all corals have already died in the past three years. People in the tropics, who rely heavily on fish for protein, could be in trouble, as warm oceans o not produce food creating a large economic problem.

The rain came back . . . our four days of sun, blue skies and 55 degrees has left ! we are back to overcast Oregon coast drizzle and 45 degree days and 45 degree nights with 5 MPH winds (constant).

We have been in a week-long tidal action mode of yaw, just enough to squeek lines, it has been 24 hours a day in a 3-4 second cyclic... never being much on hydrology, I see the "results" without knowing the scientific "cause", the wind here is never ending and constant, when the easterly wind at 5-8 MPH is on us we get into this yaw-effect.

Last year, we had southerly winds all winter, with North winds all summer, this is a change.

  They tightened up the harbor boom, and we since have witnessed these pesky small diameter logs now being deflected, rather than entering, a big help !  one big item herein this location is the "constant" wind effect . . .  always at 5-8 mph.... always...  anything like a gust is in addition to that 5 MPH base wind, this is very similar to  being in the Caribbean somewhere !  I had to move our dolly to the opposite side of the dock box, it would travel on its own down the dock !