2017 POST # 35 - 26 DECEMBER - the afterglow

A followup from my earlier post on here, ...   When Hurricanes Hit a Hurricane Hole — the Aftermath of Irma and Maria   wave action, either wind driven or tsunami driven damage looks like this, add in a 100 MPH wind and you have a mess. All through the Dutch and French Antilles (and the Virgins) this was the scene... the shore facilities and dockages all suffered as well, there are "many" full-time liveaboards all over the Caribbean, making this an extremely terrible time for us all.

Super day here in the harbor . . .  50 degrees, full sun in a almost completely blue sky, zero (0) wind on the anemometer, the water is "flat and mirror-like", and I am out on deck taking down lights ! eat your heart out San Diego.

Snagged dock walker Mark Brennan, reporter/columnist from the Siuslaw News(paper) today, and learned that he took some other pictures of So...fea lighted up on different nights. Both front page Siuslaw News photos (November and December) of the two light contests were his photo and articles, so, I will post some more pictures on here next week !
Mark lives on the top floor of the in-harbor condominiums here, and has a birds eye view of the entire boat harbor and down Bay Street, so, he lives line-of-sight some 900 feet from So...fea.

Got it all on deck and began removing lights on Monday, but, the no wind, warm, full sun day got us easily derailed and lazy, will have to finish it tomorrow, was amazed that on Christmas Day NO ONE was out on the boardwalk or docks, eerily quiet day,  for Tuesday the 26th we were expecting another nice day, You can always trust the weatherman. we got 40 degree 10 mph winds, and grey clouds with mist ... wasn't very warm, but it sure was cold.