20-21-22 DECEMBER 2017 - RECAP POST # 33

Ready for lots of things, if you missed this ! (we put one on order) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyhBfVib1VM  ,

Today was Bonnie's sixth month to not have set foot off of the boat, and our sixth month to not have been out of Florence, Oregon even once ! 

We are guessing . . . This must be both, the driest and the warmest - sunniest Florence December ever ! (I make a liar out of myself soon !)

An interesting note, the US Foreign Military Studies Office (FMSO) found that, in 2012, 80 percent of the, illicit drugs smuggled into the US came via maritime routes. Of the drugs that arrived on US shores by sea, 30 percent were found to have been smuggled in narco-subs (bringing back the tales from my whazammo.com  website about the commercial fisherman and where the money really came from in the 1950's-1980's ... article).

After yesterdays 40 mph all-day wind storm and gale (42 degrees), we rebuilt and got everything finalized and tested for the three day 20-21-22 December Christmas POS Harbor Boat Light Contest,  we are ready ! ?  the wind and rain played havoc with lots of our decorations and the sign, we fired off at 1700 (still daylight) and worked til 1900 getting everything adjusted, (but the sign and star) and got up and running.

We still need to repair the flag light (lost two rows of white), and the mast top star (not lighting at all), and repair our 12 foot wide lighted sign that was damaged as well (before we ever got it mounted), but, we are going to fire off on this day one (20 December) as a pre-test for the judging on the 22nd.

Unfortunately, by today the 21st there has been absolutely only two remote/obscure blurbs about this event (one paragraph on the POS web page, and an e-version note posted very late Tuesday), nothing in the Siuslaw Newspaper or elsewhere... very sad promo, and pitiful. 

To spend around 60-80 man-hours in the 40 degree wind and rain, mounting some 4,000 lights, enduring two massive destructions by weather, then redo it again, over and over, for a non-event is pathetic (to do it in the spirit of Christmas is cool), we ran the lights from 1700-2000 last night, and had 8 (we counted them !) people observe.... over the 3 hour period.

Will we do this again ? will anyone notice if we do ... or don't ?

Last event (20 November) ended with no one from the harbor ever noticing or visiting or commenting on the display, but possibly hundreds from Florence viewing.

The harbor people will be down here (maybe ?) on Friday night (the 22nd) for the Coast Guard judging, (we think), or, they may just stay home and look at the photos (or just stay home, and forget the photos-they are "that" interested !). 

The sign is going up tonight (the 21st) and I will have to fix the two other problems tomorrow, too damn' cold to get any longevity out there today, and the sign simply had to be completely redone-trashed from the storm, right now it looks like snow ! 29 degrees overnight, high today a damp 40 with wind.

Second night of lights, 21 December, 3 people came to view ! judqing is tomorrow.... we wonder if we can make it to 20 people for the week ?

OK, on the 22nd Big judging night, a light drizzle, at 1730 fire-off everything is working but our star, there are only two boats in this competition, (but, eliminating the details of the story) . . . it was decided, that we "both" would win,  and split the $100.00 prize money.

end of comment. 

We had 14 more people show up tonight... making the viewer count an astounding 25 for the three nights of display ! and still no promo or advertising, so, we will do tomorrow night 1730-2100 (saturday the 23rd), and then tear down.

This picture was from night one, (the 20th) and is missing the 12 foot lighted sign,