IT'S OVER ! 2 October, 2017 - POST # 25

The Boardwalk Flea Market closed for the year, all around town, the flower baskets came down this AM, the place is dead-quiet, many stores have now closed for the "season" - some, of course go year around.  it was the "second" late-night AM need for two (2) heaters ! This AM's hobby/amateur fishermen in their trailer boats was greatly diminished . . . with only 8 or so boats active (vs. 35-40), I think their season stays open until 31 October, but the rain, and cold AM seems to really dampen their seafaring "Deadliest Catch" identities.

We think it has been a full month since Bonnie has been off the boat, we tried to take her with us yesterday, she simply does not want to depart, perfectly happy onboard. Three big V flocks of geese flew in and around today as well, the first geese we have seen since spring... crystal blue clear skies, only 52 degrees at 10 AM.