2017 POST #27 - 20 OCTOBER - end of it all. . .

Started this on the 17th . . .
The Fruit and Veggie tents closed and disappeared for the season today . . . the Port-a-johns are all gone, it's raining, it's in the upper 30's overnight, the geese are Vee'ing in the grey skies (four huge flights of them during the night-awakening us), and the hobby week-ender seamen and professional fisherman <sarcasm> marina is now empty.

There is a distinct possibility winter is on the way.

Had our harbor "invasion" by 8 inch deep sea foam yesterday (a natural phenomena caused by sea temp change or currents moving nitrates and phospates around . . . that create a bloom of plankton, when they die off they create foam), and a 24 hour fog day, the first wind-rain set of the year began tonight at midnight, called "the big dark"  and here I am still fighting "phantom" leaks !

Today, the 20th, the storm is not as advertised , I claim "Fake weather reporting" !

Squalls ... one after the other, no wind, and balmy, we have seen worse weather in Jamaica, but, the noisy little outboard weekenders are almost gone (which is in reality, the biggest-best event of the year). I have a new saying "why, even a leak is smarter than he is".... and applying it to me, I am flummoxed and reduced to eating candy.  These things are "smart" !

Cape Shoalwater to Cape Blanco is now under a SSW wind gale warning all weekend, with 50-60 mph gusts, so, we battened down and retied for the blow, since it comes at us across the bay full bore, if the WiFi and electric stay on, and we don't Poseidon, there is a week of sun coming !