One year ago today, we paid off So...fea at the bank . . . CASH ! remember, the Selco Credit Union Main Branch bank would not accept a Bank Cashiers check, Personal check, Money Order or Draft . . . ????

So, I marched in with $ XX,000.00 in ones, fives and tens. (a brown grocery store shopping bag full ! and the first "so fea" was dealt. We never saw the previous owners or heard from them after that day, we got the title and keys two days later, and began our move-aboard. You can follow those antics by looking at last October's Posts. (Remember read bottom post first !)

Got our final warning storm in today as well, black skies thunder, lightening and hail, rain and severe 40 MPH blast of wind that ripped off our no-slip mat from the swim deck...deep sixed. 39 degree overnight, this is looking like last year almost to the day.

Sold the big shop toolbox today, and working on getting the skiff gone before November as well, really need to get the aft bimini built for the rains (and bonnie), so, this $ is already gone.