Suiseki and . . . (2017 POST # 17) - 13 AUGUST

Summer continues in Florence, 65 degrees, sunny, windy.

Had an'ya's Suiseki show at the Florence Regional Arts Association (FRAA) gallery yesterday, 48 foot of display to a unsuspecting audience, great presentation, fair turn-out, and a pretty impressive response.

Met some more of the local intelligentsia, and made some nice contacts with locals, as usual Oregon can reveal some very interesting peoples with interesting backgrounds and inputs (with the two universities being so close).

Work on So...fea has been minimal as we took a little time to ourselves, but now that the show is done, and we are headed into Autumn - it is time to return to the duties. Still holding off that Starboard engine work for winter, but must finish this dock fresh water conversion (to PVC) and do the on-deck ;leaks
before monsoons set in.

The crabs are nutz this year, we have 15-20 cleaned and in the freezer, but keep catching more and bigger ones !! going to buy a small freezer for So...fea and have crab all winter.... plus, they are free !

I have some video and many more pics that I simply do not have time to deal with this for a couple of weeks, but, will get these posted afterm the eclipse on Monday the 21st.