(2017 POST # 18), ONE YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY and . . .

22 August is the one year anniversary of this blog . . . to see blog # 1 from 22 August, 2016 see the top click-on  over there in the right column  and scroll to the bottom of the page for Post # 1 (REMEMBER-blogs read bottom entry to top), this is the fourth month anniversary of being here in Florence, and the 10th month anniversary of being aboard So...fea as full-time live-aboards.

In returning to the harbor, we have had our memory vividly refreshed as to the serious differences in people types, as week-end live-aboard types, and as summer live-aboards,  the once a month live-aboard over nighter, (all of these still own land homes), and full-time (year round) live-aboards , , , of which there are three distinct classes, the world-cruiser, the house boater, and the coastal live-aboard.

The moorage and live-aboard personality issue also follows their boat size criteria, which was why for years, I always  had on my business card "Full dockside services for Only... 40-400 foot commercial/yacht vessels", seemingly anything under 40 foot was a trailerable, hobby boat specifically intended for part-timer/beginner use, if a boat was not moored permanently, the owners mind set was not serious, if it was under 40 foot the dollar investment was not there, and, consider that most serious vessels have "skiffs" or "life boats" aboard as big as these.

While biulding/repairing vessels,vessel rental, moorage space/expense was always a part of our contract, our current Florence harbor ranks amongst Curacao Marine, N.A; Charlotte Amalie, V.I, Santa Cruz,  California, Foss/Tacoma, Washington, Fort Meyers, Florida, Larson Boat @ Terminal Island, Calif; and Harbor Island, California as our "GREAT" full-time working live-aboard harbors.

Other places (we never anchor out, and hated double/triple ties)  were excruciating, poorly run, or downright dangerous  (no comment on the satanic-insulting-insane Asian ports, or the frozen great Lakes, Nor'East, Alaskan, Canadian harbors) full-time living aboard only works South of the 45th latitude on the Pacific side and 35th on the Atlantic side  . . .  there were some harbors we liked for short stays (only), and many that were barely tolerable even over night,  moving us into hotel stays, but as long term full-time boat  live-aboard places those above are the best we ever used.

There is a balance of having security, and safe, clean docks, a hospital, a marine store, food and fuel, plus dock water, minimalistic (50 amp) electric and a decent climate . . . to all go into the mix, but some Caribbean overnights have cost us a full "months" stateside mooring costs, so, price and amenities play in as well.

Between San Francisco and Vancouver B.C. there are only a very few decent full-time large harbors at all, and they are very expensive, or totally primitive (or both). In Washington state the expenses and the rain got to us (that is a rainy Oregonian speaking), further south (like Crescent, or Arcata) the $$ get you, we are super happy here at Florence (Port of Siuslaw) long term, as being the best we have ever found for full-time.