(2017 POST # 16) - 3 AUGUST - Peter's Birthday !

Well, survived another year ! (74), and  now running at "Half Ahead" on the EOT, (due to arthritis and heart problems), but, the voyage goes on !

Before So...fea, our previous bout with the harbor was on the Great Lakes, where pumping wax into your sea chests and Saran wrapping your upper deck, plus, using a bubbler under-hull was needed to get through winter . .  did I mention a wood stove, rock salt, bottled water and lotsa' heaters ?

In summer, it was fans, and super Air conditioners, on deck misters, and lots of beer to ward off the 100 degree-plus heat, 100% humidity that was 24 hours a day unabated (WITH mosquitos !) .

Yesterday, it was 111 degrees at our old ashore home that we sold, 42% humidity and 73 here ! we ran heat again last night (and have had only two nights since January of no heat), did I mention no fleas or mosquitos ?

Today it is a scorching 68 degrees and blue skies, but very windy (103 in our old town), we have a freezer full of freshly caught off our dock crabs, and are planning a small freezer for atop the washer/dryer.

We just shuttered the lens a little more by making a pact to not leave Florence for anything again, and to do "everything" local or online (Amazon-eBay-Craigs List)