9 months aboard, three months of it here in Florence.
"Summer-time in Florence" has taken on a sarcastic level comment status aboard So...fea. . . it is repeated at least five times daily, as we experience what this summer "is" here. (20 MPH wind, 65 degree high temp. days, full sun).

We rock and roll almost 24 hours a day as the wind hits us broadside, the tidal current "in' and 'out" bobs us fore-to-aft, between the two it is like you are on a boat. <s>,

It begins (the same) every morning at 0600 for us, being almost socked in with zero wind,fog (visibility 1/4 mile), and at 50-55 degrees, with an outgoing fast tide. by 0800 it is blue puffy cloud skies, sun, 60 degrees, and a calm filled with Blue Herons, Cranes, and a world devoid of people anywhere.

By 0900/1000 that all changes as the wind slowly begins it's buildup, and the people arrive on the boardwalk, in the parking lot, downtown, and on the docks, the clouds vanish into pure blue skies and it stays at 63-5 degrees for the rest of the day . . . the ever-increasing CONSTANT North wind at 10-25 MPH by 1100 continues all day until after 2000 hours, and the full-time need for a sweat shirt, and using heat aboard EVERY night is routine (and a "must"), as it never goes above 65 degrees, and down to 50 at night.

The $1,800 00 (and lotsa' labor) split air conditioner I almost purchased last winter for So...fea would yet to be even turned on in this summer climate of Florence, unless August/September shocks us, this is impressive.

With the long run to/from the sea by river, we did not expect to see many visitors or cruisers come to port, that was somewhat wrong, although the trailer-weekender-hobbyist boats are not worth mentioning, but, some are.

I will go out today for some image-gathering (and post on here later)  . . . we currently have two classic/historic-listed wooden motor vessels visiting, 

               the 50 foot M/V Pat Foss (1942-Seattle),  

and the 62 foot M/V Content (1930-UK),

the F/V Two Dreams, F/V Restless, and the F/V Ms. Nickani have been in-out for the past month, Some Sail-cruisers have arrived for long stays recently as well, the 32 foot no-name from (California), and the 42 foot Schooner no name from (San Francisco), another "distant end" Nweport, sailer came in as well, while, our long-term F/V Brea, F/V Pacific Surveyor and the F/V Cara mi both left port a month ago and have not returned ?

And the M/V So...fea sits here happily at rest.