29 June - FOURTH OF JULY / SUMMER - (2017 POST # 14)

Summer in Florence . . . not really, we have had ONE day of 78 degree 5 MPH breeze weather ! other than that, it is a mid 60's daily regimen of sun and 10-20 MPH constant wind.

The last two annual trials of this harbor are yet to be experienced, the Fourth of July fireworks display, and the September onslaught of Salmon season and small amateur-hobbyist week-ender seamen/fisherman.

The warehouse is in its last days of sorting and clearance, and we hope the August payment will never get paid---ending an era of over bloat and excess (plus $100.00 per month expense). . . it will all be aboard or we don't own it !! whew.

This has been a cyclone of Living Estate Sales/End-of-Life Sales/Yard Sales/and give-away/swap/Dump run, that has spanned a year now since this blog began 4 July 2016 (see the index-right column).

UPDATE: 3 JULY: just got the warehouse organized and photographed,nothing else going in or coming out ! So I am sending the photos on to my buyer, and we will see... advised the warehouse that I would be out by the 30th of July, now only the computer stuff needs to get traded off, and we are done !

Get this starboard engine reheaded and the boat is done ! maybe by October and our one-year live aboard anniversary. This video opens with So...fea at the top left of the screen, at 1:13 into the video the producer walks down our permanent space-end dock, and you get to see our full time daily view from A-10 between 2:00 and 2:11. https://youtu.be/iCH0cn-hBS8