15 JUNE - Two month Anniversary - (2017 POST # 13)

We have survived the "different" Port surroundings, weather, and locale of Florence for two months now, and pretty well have settled in, become accustomed to, familiar with, and self-introduced.

Things are very different here -especially the wind- which is a surprise, as is the very swift flow of in-out river speed at high/low tide.

The Old Towne stores and art galleries and the boardwalk are busy people areas and the week-end flea market adds to the full-time veggie/fruit market and the fish market activity that are some 100-150 feet from A-10, the ICM restaraunt balcony is 75 away, and quite the hot spot for tourists. But, out on A-10 we are isolated, and alone here and loving it. We get a few straggler tourists, but, it is quiet, and our view is the finest available anywhere in this harbor area- (and that is a unchallengeble statement).

Like all harbors/ports there is an out-of-control constant rumor mill present, and diverse politics threading through the boat society, but, we have been too overly exposed to this in the past to act like inexperienced beginners and jump-in. Our "indoctrination" year has just begun, with the Summer and Winter weather and September (small boat-rude-weekender-part time fisherman) Salmon season experiences yet to come this September.

Problems? not really, just the usual (every harbor has them) speeding violators of the "no wake" law, the sea-gull feeding tourist, and a total lack of night-time security (as is the case almost anywhere you tie up), making it up to you to police your own dock area. Interestingly, I have only BBQ'd once so far, and that was in a gale-force wind ! We are not sure they even "get" a summer here. We have been socked in with rain for three days now, but, the 10 day full sun days are promised for next week, so, perhaps we can finally put up the Bimidji and cook out and "start" on a summer routine... ?