9 MAY - (2017 POST # 12) , VISITORS !!!

Got the ships weather station up and running today... gave up on the 20 or so online US Federal government weather idiots, all are regional (usually airport based), live 50 miles from the airport? too bad, you get airport weather ! this problem is sooo enhanced here on the coast, that it is dangerous, life threatening, and stupid... all day yesterday we got the daylights knocked out of us with a relentless severe wind  (sustained and with gusts), the boats beat themselves to death, the whitecap chop was  in the harbor all day long,  we rocked and surged for 10 hours straight.

The US coast guard station 3 miles down river from us, the NOAA airport (Florence), Wunderground, the Weather Channel, weather.com, Accuweather and the US Weather service ALL said ALL day that it was 2-4 Mph winds.... I went aboard a boat with an anemometer (like ours) it said 16-21 mph, the history chart showed it had been that way (like I said) all day long.... for the past 5 hours !

Last winter in Winchester, it was ridiculous, 26 degrees on deck and on my neighbors boat thermometer too, but it was really 35 in Winchester according to all of the above online idiots (including from the Coast Guard station 1/2 mile line-of-sight across the harbor)....  wind was the same problem, when the typhoon came through we registered 38-40 mph (max), they had 23 mph max, stupid !!! it is dangerous and scary, so, we bought our own weather station.   we only care about the weather here...on deck, and on "our" dock, and how accurate it is.

Pretty well have everything off and on the boat now, still have the skiff/motor and warehouse stuff to deal with, and one engine to fix.... those will take all summer . . . . but, loving it here in Florence, which was just voted the second best city in western America:

Editors of USA Today gave the city of Florence a high honor in its latest survey of best small towns in the western United States. Florence took second place out of 50 small cities under a 10,000 population that were considered. Number one in the poll was Sequim, Washington. We are headed into two weeks of madness here for the Rhododendron Festival, and the carnival rides set up some 150 feet away up on the boardwalk...then, we have the Fourth of July to live through with the fireworks show.