LOTS OF LOOSE ENDS . . . Been swatting at major issues, and having lots of redo's because of redesign. Building a boat hull and cabin with the mechanicals and electronics is the easy-simple part, once floatable, you move to in-water "outfitting" mode. . .  and the real time/money-eating outfitting process destroys budget and timetable in a typical 6 month endeavor.

Why I expected a less time and money-spent here, I dunno. it has taken 5-6 thousand dollars worth of materials to get to where we are, (and my labor).

Then, there is the "adaptation" part of it all . . .  the new A-10 berth has 120/240 50 amp electric service, we currently have only 30 amp 120, and So fea was "built" for that 30 amp voltage (back in 1979), at Winchester Bay I added another 30 amp inlet and wired it into a separate breaker bus (for two 30 amp inlets), but, the main panel really can only handle 30 amp - not the twin 30's--nor the 50 amp/240 !!).

Dock power At the new berth (A-10) is 65 feet from dock services (we are now adjacent, with only a 5 foott run)  . . .  surprise-surprise !  there are no cleats at Florence either ... only a bull rail, so, new lines are needed.

Longer docklines, longer electric cable, a longer dockwater hose, and a new 50 amp breaker panel, plus a wire-in . . . a work party of fun, and another $2,000.00.